Floriography comes from the Victorian age where those that were into romance wanted to send secret messages and found a way to do that through the different meanings of flowers. There are also different meanings of flowers such as month you were born and state flowers. For many simply receiving flowers is more than enough, others a message is spoke.

Roses are considered one of the most romantic flowers and each color has its own special meaning. Pink is for friendship, red is a passionate love, white is purity and yellow is zealous. You can look up meanings of combining the colors and other specials breeds.

Tulips of different colors also have special meanings. Pink (caring), purple (royalty), red (declaration of love), white (forgiveness) and yellow (hopelessly in love). This is the second most romantic flower to convey many feelings.

Other blossoms of a romantic nature are the orchids (delicate beauty), lilacs (first love), ivy (fidelity), forget-me-not's (remember me always), sunflowers (adoration) and daisies (innocence).

There were some blossoms that could warn someone such as the lavender (distrust) and rhododendron (beware). Many books and websites are set up to explain the meanings of these blossoms. Not many people realize that blooms were used frequently in poetry to convey different feelings. Try looking for hidden meanings in different blooms listed within a poem or book you read next.

If someone wanted to send a bouquet to convey a crush and wanted the flowers to reflect that, they might send this arrangement: yellow Chrysanthemum (secret admirer), pink roses (friendship), sunflowers (adoration) and baby's breath (pure in love). A little research can help with the proper choices to express what you feel, or just bring a smile. There does not always have to be a meaning behind buying someone their favorite flower from time to time.

On the same note, someone that that was seeking forgiveness might send: gladioli (I'm really sincere), purple hyacinth (I am sorry) and primrose (I can't live without you). You can also look up meanings when needing to send flowers of sympathy but do not want to go with the typical lily's.

You might select an arrangement that lets someone know you are asking them to marry you. Many unique interpretations are out there. You can also seek the help of a florist to assist you in selecting a special arrangement. If you already know the message you are trying to get across, let your florist handle the arrangement for you with other special add ins.

For those that have a special occasion coming up, try finding out the different explanations of florets and send a special bouquet from flowers London Ontario to your loved one. Letting them find out the special message can be something to bond over. They can see the extra special effort you put into finding something that spoke from your heart. You can also send these blossoms at special times of the year and incorporate their birthday flower into it. It can be something very unique and unexpected.

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